BEAUCOUZE   15 may – 14 june 2020

We invite you to submit your photographic work as part of the 4rd edition of the INFLUENCES Photographic Festival..

For the 2020 edition,the INFLUENCES FESTIVAL will be German.

We are looking for photographic works from all genres, regardless of whether a personal and artistic work, short or long term documentary related to various topics (political, social, environmental, geographical, cultural, art, etc) and responding to one of these theme: Contemporary Germany, Live together, East / West Germany, Heimat. We specify that we do not accept photographs without real link, but a coherent work.
Screenned works, for all or part, are welcome. This call for submission is open to all photographers, professional or non professional, of all ages. There is no submission fee requested.
All submission forms must be written and completed in English or French.

Deadline for submission of application : 31 October 2019

L’équipe des Tisseurs d’Images

© Oziel Gómez

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