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The Influences Photography Festival

A festival with an original concept – A focus on a country and its photography – Authors’ views – Different photographic sensibilities (personal work, short or long-term documentary related to political, social, environmental, geographical, cultural, art, wildife and more) – Exhibitions that complement each other – a coherent progam with famous and emerging photographers – Photographic and educational works with students – Indoor and outdoor exhibitions, in a harmonious atmosphere of the park – Highlights: photographic workshop, reading portfolios, talks, guided visits, meetings with the photographers, projections and screenings, musical events, … – Accessible and Friendly.

This photographic event is produced by « Tisseurs d’Images ».

Our Previous Editions 

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Beaucouzé vu par…

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Exposition  2014

Influences Egyptiennes

Exposition  2013



Call for Submission 

We invite you to submit your photographic work as part of the 3rd edition of the INFLUENCES Photographic Festival..

For the 2018 edition,the INFLUENCES FESTIVAL will be INDIAN.

We expect you to work as an author, whether in a purely artistic or documentary way, on various subjects (art, social, political, cultural, geographical, nature, environmental, …) but nevertheless Directly linked to
INDIA. We would like to point out that we do not expect you to use « illustrative » photographs.

This call for applications is open to all amateur and professional photographers of all ages. There is no application fee.


Deadline for submission of application : 31 October 2017

L’équipe des Tisseurs d’Images


Find all the information to submit your application  HERE


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